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How it works?

How it works?

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I won two rare comic books in an auction on the Ebay USA website. I shipped it to my friend and through BMTFT I got someone coming down from Chicago to Hyderabad in 1 week. Super excited to add these 1970's rare books to my collection. Thank you BMTFT and Alok for the timely help- and all this for a small incentive of a taxi ride to the flyer. Superrrrr :) .

from Bangalore, India

I am a coffee connoisseur. Thanks to BMTFT, I got my favorite Sainsbury gold roast coffee from the UK which I used to drink when I was studying there. I didn't have anyone who could bring it for me for the last 2 years. But now, finally BMTFT helped me get it and I remember the person who got me the coffee every day when i drink it. Way to go BMTFT. Now I order every month just like I get my groceries from Supermarket! Most of my friends loved it too.

from Delhi, India

I found out about BMTFT via Facebook, thanks to the 'Suggested Groups' feature. I loved the idea; A textbook example of what 'out-of-the-box' thinking is. The only hindrance I faced was that asking a person to get my package, assuming that it'd be an inconvenience. But when I really needed an item which wasn't available in India, there is only one thing that came to my mind : BMTFT! There is literally no scope of worrying. A very hassle-free experience. A couple of e-mails exchanged between us and the incentive paid at the time of delivery, that's how simple it is.

from India

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